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Seednet is a national seed business (formerly AWB seeds). It has the vision, skills, infrastructure commitment to provide leadership and direction to the breeding, acquisition,development and distribution of superior grain varieties.

Seednet is strongly committed to minimising the uptake of new varieties, subject to quality, agronomic fit, and a demonstrated benefit to growers. We believe growers should benefit individually and in aggregate from the update of new varieties. We also believe that new varieties should demonstrate some desired trait or special quality advantage over existing varieties, and should make a fundamental contribution to improving the average quality profile of the national crop.


Seednet understands the importance of continued research and development in a number of breeding programs. The products of such research have the potential to maximise sustainable production, accelerate the adoption of superior varieties and improve the overall quality of seed available to growers.

In 2015, keep and eye out for some exciting new varieties released commercially through Superior Seed Co.

Compass Barley – Very high yielding variety being evaluated for malting and brewing (results expected in March 2016). Excellent grain quality (low screenings and high retention) and disease profile including CCN resistance. Suited to most areas of Australia. Our seed crops yielded 4.52 tonnes/ Ha dry-land and 5.30 tonnes/Ha on beds while a dry-land crop at Callington (near Murray Bridge) yielded 5.70 tonnes/Ha

Read more about Compass barley here

Compass Barley

Bannister Oats – Bannister Oats is a mid season maturing variety, that has a high yielding capacity. This variety characterizes a tall dwarf height and moderate stem diameter which makes it a  suitable variety for hay production. This variety has improved resistance to Stem Rust, Leaf Rust and Septoria. Bannister oats has a hectolitre weight, grain size and groat percentage equivalent to milling varieties.

Read more about Bannister Oats here

Yallara Oats – Yallara Oats are a dual purpose, medium / tall premium milling and domestic hay oat. This variety is early to mid maturing and suited to growing in low – medium / high rainfall zones. With a range of attractive characteristics, Yallara Oats is resistant to Stem and Leaf Rust. This variety also gives strong grain yield performance in medium – low rainfall areas.

Read more about Yallara Oats here

PBA Samira Faba Bean – Significantly higher yielding than Farah and Fiesta but with superior grain quality and disease resistance package making it a perfect variety for all areas currently growing faba beans. vigorous plant with good stem strength.

Read more about PBA Samira faba bean here

PBA Wharton Field Pea – “Kaspa Type” Early flowering and maturing semi-leafless, semi-dwarf plant type with high yield and broad adoption. Wider disease resistance and improved tolerance to soil boron toxicity. Like all ‘Kaspa types’, PBA Wharton as the pod shatter resistance and maturity. Superior grain quality and marketable as ‘Kaspa type’.

Read more about PBA Wharton Field Peas here

PBA Twilight Field Pea – PBA Twilight is a ”Kaspa Type” field pea. It is early flowering and early maturing. It has the capacity to be higher yielding in short season, low rainfall areas. The varieties early maturity makes it suitable for crop topping to manage weeds. This variety has a similar disease resistance to ‘Kaspa’ and has shown good yield response when foliar fungicides have been used or when sowing has been delayed.

Read more about PBA Twilight Field Peas here

PBA Barlock Lupin
– newest lupin released for eastern Australia. Resistant to anthracnoes, and tolerant to metribuzin with improved resistance to pod shattering.

Read more about PBA Barlock Lupins here


Our Breeding Companies

Seed Companies who process and distribute seed at Superior Seed Co. include:

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